8 Creative Ways to Make Money Blogging apart from Google AdSense

We all know that blogging is one of the most rewarding ways to make money online today. We also know that blogging has crafted thousands of millionaires all around the globe. So, what exactly did these bloggers do to start making a six-figure income? Was the popular Google AdSense their primary source of income? Definitely not! If you also want to make money blogging , you are in the right place.

The truth is, displaying ads on your blog is just bonus money. Hunting for more traffic won’t do the trick if you really want to scale your blog’s income. Instead, you will need to diversify your monetization methods to see any significant increase in your blogging income.

So, hang on tight, because in this post, you will learn different ways you can make money blogging apart from Google Adsense. Let’s dive right into it.

1. Promoting Affiliate Products

Now, this is my personal favorite. If you have a personal blog and don’t promote any products on it, you are definitely doing it all wrong. Unless you do blogging exclusively as a passion, of course.

The upside of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need any up front investment to start making money. All you need to do is apply to affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, Bluehost, Namecheap, etc., which is a relatively easy process.

Having affiliate links naturally spread out throughout your blog will significantly boost your income even with less traffic. 

There are so many affiliate programs that you can join, and some of the most popular ones include Bluehost, Amazon associates, and ShareASale. If your application is successful, you can select relevant products you would like to promote, get the links to these products, stick these links in your blog, and voila, you are in business.

When you include affiliate links in your blog post, you get a commission on every purchase that a customer makes through your link. Isn’t that a great way you can use to make money blogging? 

While affiliate marketing is a great way to make money blogging, here are some dos and don’ts if you plan to promote any products on your blog.   


  • Strictly promote products you have personally used or have confidence in. Referring your readers to a fraudulent or low-quality product negatively impacts your credibility; they will never trust your recommendation, or even worse, they will stop reading your blog.
  • Promote products that are related to the content you are passing across. Don’t force a promotion under a piece of content that it does not align with.


-Promote too many products on a single post.

Focus on making sales instead of helping: It is essential to understand the search intent of each query. Know if a user is simply looking for information or ready to make a purchase and craft the appropriate content that will help solve their problem.

2. Selling your own products.

If you cringe every time you hear about shipping merchandise, don’t be disheartened just yet. Selling your own products is a highly profitable way to make money blogging. Instead of selling physical merchandise, you can craft digital products and sell them. Here are some of the digital products you can sell on your website.  

Ebooks: If you can write a blog post, with a little scale of effort, you can also write an ebook and start selling it to your clients. In fact, this is the most popular way that people use to scale and diversify their income on their blogs.

Digital art: With the help of software tools like Canva and a little imagination, you can craft your own amazing digital wall art and sell them to your readers.

Canva templates: Easy, easy, easy everyone loves easy. And that is why people want an easy way to create their ebooks, social media banners, and book covers. You can take advantage of this human demand for easy things and start creating templates that can help your customers to create their own digital products faster.

3.Selling your services 

Selling your services on your blog is a decent way to make money blogging. After all, you are just using your knowledge and expertise to help people solve their business problems. Here are some of the ways you can use to make money selling your services:

one-on-one consultation, you have a loyal readers base, and they are constantly sending you emails about what they can go about the things you talk about on your blog? Why not monetize your advice.

4.Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are posts that you are paid by a brand or a business to write a blog post about. Essentially, it is advertising content on your website, but in this case, not in ad spaces but actual content. You can promote products, services, or even brand names. When writing promotional content, ensure that it remains relevant and interesting for your audience. Disclosing to your audience that that particular content is sponsored is also a good practice you should consider; it builds trust between you and your readers.  

5.A paid subscription to exclusive content  

With a sizable number of loyal readers, introducing a paid subscription to access exclusive content can be an ideal way to make money blogging. Paid subscriptions are a bit sensitive because you have to ensure that the exclusive content is really worth the amount you are charging the readers to access it. If there is no substantial difference between your exclusive and general content, your subscribers won’t be so pleased. It is, therefore, upon you to do an intense business analysis to ensure that having subscription-based content is really worth being paid for.

6.Offering Courses 

Now, this is exciting. If your blog is niche-specific, that means people who land on that content really want to know more about the subject you are talking about. Why not offer them a course that teaches them what they are looking for?

If you craft a course that people find valuable, they won’t mind paying top-dollar for it. And they will even invite their friends to take the course. 

7.Having a donation button or a link to your Patreon  

Donation is a really sensitive issue that should be treated with utmost caution. Before requesting donations from your readers, ensure you give them a reason to donate.No one is willing to give out any money without a solid cause. If you have a loyal readership base, you can introduce a donation button on your blog and hopefully make some side money with your blog.

8.Selling ad spaces for other companies

Selling ad spaces to different companies is a very lucrative way to make money blogging. With a significant audience, you can expect to make a steady income stream.

Selling ad spaces works a little differently from Google AdSense. Here you pitch clients and show them how the collaboration between you too can benefit their business. You might need to show them your website stats during pitching, with the number of monthly visitors being the most important.

Unlike Google AdSense, you can charge a flat space for each ad space. The fee charged is independent of the number of views or visitors the ad will get, which is a plus.

The disadvantage with this method of making money blogging is that you have to set up the ad space banners by yourself. But plugins such as Adsanity can make the process the whole lot easier.


Google AdSense is not the only way you can use to make money blogging.

Using the above methods you can start to make money blogging even without a lot of website visitors. They are also quite easy and feasible to set up and they don’t need any upfront to start using.

Do you have any other methods of you can use to make money blogging that you think are important and I have left out? What methods do you personally use to make money with your blog? Let’s have a conversation in the comment section below!

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